In October of 1881 meetings were held in Beaver Dam, Indiana and Carson City, Michigan. Daniel S. Warner, a pastor from Indianapolis, Indiana and an editor of a religious newspaper, "Gospel Trumpet" spoke at both meetings. He believed that followers of Jesus Christ could live and work together in a unity that comes when God's love is alive in people 's heart. He proclaimed that he was forever finished with religious groups that divided Christians from one another and he challenged others to join him. Out of those two meetings the Church of God Reformation Movement was born. And the church grew.

By 1907, a small group of families has responded to the message of the Church of God and were meeting for worship in homes in the Arnold and New Kensington area. As this small group grew they met in various places. In 1925, a permanent place of worship was built; First Church of God, on Woodmont Avenue, in Arnold, Pennsylvania. And the church grew.

Over the years the building was improved and enlarged. A parsonage was purchased in 1941. And with faith and foresight, a "city block" was purchased in 1957 in the new city of Lower Burrell. It wasn't until October of 1966 that construction of the present building began. And on December 10, 1967 a procession in Arnold and moved to Lower Burrell and the very first worship service was held at the Church of God, Lower Burrell. And the church grew.

Now over thirty years later, the Church of God continues to share the message of faith, hope, and love found only in Jesus Christ. We continue to reach out to the Tri-City Area and to the communities of the Allegheny Valley.

The story of the Lower Burrell Church of God is not just a story of building and moving. It's the story of people. People who have responded to the call of Jesus to "come and follow me! People who are deeply committed to Jesus and His church. It's the story of people who love and care for others. And want them to know the joy of following Jesus. And the church continues to grow!


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