The Lower Burrell Church of God has a variety of groups and fellowship opportunities. For those of all ages and interests.


Sunday School
Sunday School is held before the regular morning worship on Sunday mornings from 9:45am till 10:30am. There are classes for all ages from pre-school aged children to adults. It offers an in depth study of Christian and Biblical topics and issues for the appropriate age groups.

Primary Class - 1st-3rd Grade

Junior Class - 4th-6th Grade

Youth Class - Junior & Senior High School

2 Adult Classes - Of all ages                                    

                                                                      Sunday School Picnic at Northmoreland Park              


Youth Group

The Youth group is held on Wednesday evenings. This program is offered for youths, 12 years of age and older. Lead by Idida Cruz. They offer a wide range of activities and events for the young people of the church. They participate in monthly outings, fundraisers, State Youth Conventions and International Conventions.


Women of the Church of God (W.C.G.)
The women of the Church of God have an emphasis on missionary work and have worked for several decades to support Living Link missionaries, The Edwards. The current Living Link Missionary is Rebecca Pierce. They annually sponsor an apple pie bake in October and the church calendar sale to help support our missionaries. The current president of the WCG is Karen Leslie.


Church Choir
The Church Choir adds their voices to the praises of God. Offered to anyone who enjoys singing or being apart of a harmonies choir. Lead by Gerri Gosser, they have performances every Sunday during the worship service, several cantatas throughout the year and take part in the community choir festival. Choir practice is held on Wednesday evening from 8:10pm-9:00pm. 


Children's Church
Children's church is held during the regular Sunday morning worship service. This program is offered for children through the third grade.


Adult Activities Group
This group is primarily geared to retirement aged folks but is open to all adult who are free during the weekday afternoons. They plan a monthly activity to an close-by interesting area attraction.


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